All that snow in New England may make the scenery look as pretty as a postcard, but it won't do homeowners any favors if they're trying to sell a house. The non-stop storms have dropped an epic eight feet of snow, and this is causing grief for the real estate industry.

Some real estate agents have had to cancel nearly a month of weekend open houses because of the poorly timed snowstorms. Others have had to brace prospective buyers about to tour homes about the ravages of winter, including leaky walls and ceilings caused by buildup of ice on the roof. Agents complain that deals are being held up or canceled  because inspectors are unable to get a look at roofs, septic tanks and other features buried under mounds of snow and ice. And sellers are grumbling about how difficult it is to move out of their homes in the treacherous weather.

Another hindrance to the home-selling process is that moving companies cannot perform when there is heavy snow coming down or too much snow accumulation in the driveway.

Real estate agents said many sellers are waiting until the weather clears to put their homes on the market, meaning a potentially busy spring. For the few buyers willing to brave the chilly/snowy winter up north means they have been able to negotiate pretty good deals.

Tom: Because of the selling difficulties created by the snowstorms, we expect many northern homeowners will be forced to delay their SW Florida home purchase. This will mean our high selling season, which usually ends in April, will be extended into May or possibly June.