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Buying or selling a home, whether your first or fourth, is a big under-taking – even if you know the process. In this modern age with endless information at our fingertips, you may ask yourself, “Should we bother hiring a real estate agent? Can we do this ourselves?” This is a legitimate question. There’s ample information out there to instruct you how to and where to sell or buy a home without an agent. Many people can successfully go at this process alone, but many cannot.

As professional realtors in Southwest Florida with decades of experience, we wanted to share with you some reasons you may want to hire a professional real estate agent and reasons to love your realtor! Because, we love our clients!

  1. Realtors have experience and they know everything about buying and selling real estate, especially in the location you’re looking to sell or buy in. Realtors know what they’re doing, which is a smart investment choice on your end. You get to spend your time on other important decisions, while they help the buying/selling process move ahead.
  2. Realtors are the middle man, so you don’t have to deal directly with buyers or builder’s agents or owners. Realtors will bring to you serious buyers or offers only.
  3. Need quick information on a neighborhood or city? A realtor has got you covered. A realtor can give you data on crime, demographics, medical facilities, education, and more.
  4. A realtor can help guide you on pricing your home or purchase and can help with negotiations. Realtor’s have your best interest at heart. If you get a better deal, so do they, ultimately.
  5. Real estate agents can give you data. Data on average days on the market, per square foot costs, average sale prices on similar homes and more.  
  6. Realtors can connect you to potential vendors they know (home inspectors, contractors, movers, appraisers, mortgage professionals, etc.)
  7.  Realtors know and understand and have the time for the paperwork and will do it all for you.
  8. Realtors can help with you closing questions and post-closing questions and problems that may arise.
  9. If you need this realtor again for a future sale or purchase, they will likely be there for you. Realtors are great at communicating and creating bonds with clients.
  10. Realtors can help you understand any step of the process that may be confusing.
  11. Realtors can help you notice things (good or bad) you may overlook – selling and buying can be overwhelming but the realtor can help you understand different things you may not have thought of or noticed.
  12. Realtors can help spread the word about your home farther than you might be able to on your own. Realtors have access to sites and listings you wouldn’t.

Finding a great realtor is essential to you buying or selling a home. This person may even become a good friend of yours or your realtor again in the future! You may even refer them to all your family and friends. It’s important to find a realtor you like and who is knowledgeable since you will be spending a lot of time with them and you’re trusting them with a big decision/process in your life.

We hope the above reasons help you realize how important it is to work with a realtor – it really makes the selling and buying process go more smoothly for you.

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