According to the latest American Express Spending & Saving Tracker, more Americans intend to find a new place to call home in 2014 - with 16% planning to move compared to 10% in 2012. Among those looking to pull up stakes, buying has become more popular than renting, with more than 17 million people planning to buy a house, condo or co-op, versus 16 million who expect to rent their new residence

Homebuyers might have to pay more to get what they want, however, as prices and interest rates have both risen over the past year. Seller optimism is on a pace to reach a four-year high, according to the researchers. The Tracker finds that 65% of potential home sellers are confident that will get near their asking price.

Tom: Out of the 37.5 million people who want to move, my guess is that about 37 million of them would like to move to Florida.