bird watching in cape coral

If you've just moved to Cape Coral/Southwest Florida you'll find your bird watching experiences very different from other parts of the country. While I do miss seeing the chickadees and tufted titmice that visited my bird feeder in Massachusetts, I  love the exotic birds that can be spotted almost everywhere on a daily basis in the Cape. Here are a few of the more prevalent birds you might find in your own backyard, to name just a few: ibis, snowy egret, anhinga, osprey, great blue heron, cormorant, green heron, burrowing owl, great egret, little blue heron, mockingbird, musocvy duck and mourning dove. Not as common but not unusual to spot: bald eagle, wood stork, roseate spoonbill, kingfisher, Cooper's hawk, and pileated woodpecker, depending on what part of Cape Coral you live in and whether you live on the water or not. And the best part is you don't even have to feed them. They're very self sufficient and forage for their own food. Keep your eyes peeled and you may be surprised at the array of bird life close by. Just one of the many attractive facets of living in beautiful Southwest Florida. 

If you're a bird-watcher or nature lover, Cape Coral is the play to be! The city has some amazing spots for you to view wildlife and plenty of parks for you to explore nature. if you're looking to buy a home in Cape Coral, let us (Tom and Sue Demogenes) help you! We will work with you every step of the way. To view properties, click here or call us at 239-357-6118 to get started house hunting today!