According to city records, Cape Coral has 75,263 developed residential properties, and they account for 82.6% of the City's total taxable value. 53% of these residential homes are homesteaded (39,893). Yet, homesteaded properties represent just 35% of the total taxable value. Non-homesteaded  properties (35,370) account for 47% of the City's taxable value. This means part-time residents carry a greater portion of the City's property tax burden than full-time residents.

Tom: Although I'm not able to find out the exact numbers, I'm confident based on our years of selling waterfront homes that seasonal waterfront homeowners comprise a higher percentage than homesteaded waterfront owners, perhaps as much as 65 - 70 %. The seasonal, or part-time property owners also pay a much higher percentage of property taxes for waterfront homes than homesteaded owners. Off-water homeowners in Cape Coral are almost exclusively full-time residents.