Major publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and others have named Cape Coral to numerous "Best Of" lists. Recently, 24/7 Wall Street named Cape Coral one of the Top 50 Places to Live, as well as the 14th Fastest Growing Area. Other recent "Top Favorite" designations are: Best Places to Retire and Cities Where Future Jobs Will Be. The amount of positive press certainly makes the powers that be in town very happy and is proof positive that Cape Coral is back.

"The secret about Cape Coral is out again. We've been getting good press on what we have to offer for those who want to live, work, and play here."  - Rana Erbick, City Council member

"We have everything a community needs and we do it better than a lot of other communities. It's great we're finally being recognized for that." - Richard Leon, City Council member

"We're recovering well from the recession and Cape Coral is usually first in, first out. We've probably swung the most beside Las Vegas in overall community impacts and our stats look better because of that." - Mike Quaintance, President of the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce