Remember how relieved we all were when Irma spared most of Cape Coral except for some downed branches, trees, and pool screens? Well lets all keep that in mind as the cleanup process continues. The City has made great strides in removing horticultural debris from roadsides and yards, especially when you consider the size in area of Cape Coral.


Extra work crews have been hired to facilitate pick up of all those palm fronds, tree limbs etc., but if your street hasn't been cleaned up yet, you can visit to find out where the crews are working. 


Cleanup of debris from city streets is estimated to be complete by mid-November and canal cleanup, which has already begun should take about three months total. 


Having recently driven through Fort Myers and Bonita Springs where damage was worse, Cape Coral appears to be ahead of the cleanup curve.


During trips around town and throughout surrounding cities we have also noticed an uptick in traffic indicating snowbirds have returned to SW Florida earlier than usual. Many folks made the journey down sooner than they normally would in order to check on their properties post Irma. 


As always, we welcome our winter neighbors and hope most are finding minimal to no damage to their homes.