According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Cape Coral-Ft Myers metro area has the longest average commute time in the state. A combination of canals that obstruct direct routes, the need for many residents to cross teh Caloosahatchee River from Cape Coral to Ft Myers/Bonita/Naples and lack of population density among Cape Coral's vast 120 acres all contribute to a mean travel time to work of 28 minutes.

Trailing closely behind Cape Coral-Ft Myers was the South Florida metro area with a mean travel time of 27.7 minutes. Port ST Lucie and Orlando metro areas tied for third at 27.1 minutes. Two other metro areas - Tampa and Jacksonville - had average commute times (26.1minutes) higher than the national average of 25.8 minutes.

Besides waterways that mess up "as the crow flies" distances on commutes, most of Florida's metro areas have to deal with an influx of snowbirds and other visitors. In the case of Cape Coral, they can increase traffic congestion by as much as 20%. Cape Coral-Ft Myers commutes look much better next to the average commutes in New York City, which led the nation at 35.5 minutes.