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We hear this question all the time; “If I’m buying a new construction home, why would I need a realtor?” You walk into a model home or sales center, their sales agents give you a tour, discuss floor plans, options and upgrades, and you sign a contract. Simple. But hold on. Those helpful sales agents are representing the builder, not you the buyer, and therefore have the builder’s best interests in mind, not yours.

We will be in your corner looking out for you, and remember it doesn’t cost you a penny to have us represent you since the builder pays the realtor’s commission. The list price of the home will be the same whether you have us represent you or not.

Let’s start off with selecting a builder. With an ever increasing number of builders in SWFL, we know which ones you should avoid like the plague and which ones you can trust. Through past experience we know which builders are financially solvent, construct a well-built product without gouging you, communicate consistently, and will be there for you even after you’ve moved in. We often hear about which builders are experiencing financial difficulties before the word gets out to the general public.

Wisely choosing your lot is essential too. Is selecting a lot from the builder’s inventory the best way to go? Probably not. There are so many aspects to consider when choosing your home site, and our experience in this area can help you choose the most desirable lot in you price range.

We can also guide you so that you don’t overbuild for the neighborhood, and advise you which upgrades give you the best return on your investment should you ever need to sell the home. You don’t want to own the most expensive home on the street.

Having built several new homes, and remodeled countless others, we have a good eye when it comes to tweaking a builder’s floorplan. Sometimes a very small alteration will make a floorplan a bit more functional and enjoyable.

Lastly, once the home is completed, you can’t rely on the fact that a new home doesn’t require a home inspection. Our preferred inspector has performed inspections on many new construction homes, and on multiple occasions uncovered issues needing to be addressed by the builder. Better to find out sooner rather than later.

Bottom line – don’t go it alone. We want you to avoid costly mistakes and wind up with a home you love.

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