If you live in Cape Coral, you can go to sleep at night knowing you live in one of the safest cites in Frorida. Over the years, Cape Coral has consistently ranks amoung the top larger cities in Florida regarding its lack of violent and non-violent crimes.

According to the FBI's annual report on crime statistics, Cape Coral ranks as the second safest city in Florida among all cities in the state with a population lover 150,000. The Cape was only behind Port St. Lucie. According to the FBI's report, Cape Coral holds the distinction of being the state's safest city in regards to violent crimes.

Kudos to our outstanding police department for keeping us safe and making snowbirds and foreigners also feel that Cape Coral is a place they can come to expect personal safety, along with our warm sun, watererways, palm trees and reasonable cost of living. Good work to all the men and women in blue!!!