For clients in every income bracket, geographic location is an important factor in determining tax burden. A state that is eonomically friendly for low-income families may tax the high-net-worth at stratospheric rates (and vice versa)

The folks at WalletHub set out to determine the most tax-friendly states for residents at three income tax levels: low ($25,000), medium ($50,000) and high ($150,000). Their research team looked at the share of a person's income that goes toward various tax obligations, including sales tax, property tax and income tax.

For high earners, the total tax rate in the friendliest state (Alaska) was just 3.43%. In the least-friendly state (Connecticut), it was a whopping 11.19%

The 10 states that make taxes a bit more bearable for affluent clients:

1. Alaska

2. Wyoming

3. Nevada

4. Tennessee

5. South Dakota

6. New Hampshire

7. Florida

8. North Dakota

9. Alabama

10. Delaware

Tom: Florida was the only state in the top seven that was in a warm climate