While Florida continues to have a have a higher than average number of foreclosures, the total number continues to drop, and the state's U.S. ranking is in decline as it moves from it's often No. 1 spot down to No. 4 in Realty Trac's 2016 U.S Foreclosure Market Report

New Jersey now tops Realty Trac's foreclosure-rate list (0.98% of housing units with a foreclosure filing) followed by Maryland (0.90%) and Delaware (0.78 %). In fourth place is  Florida (0,70%).

The top 10 list of foreclosure-rate states for the first six months of 2016 is rounded out by Nevada, Illinois, Ohio, South Carolina, Connecticut and Indiana

The U.S. schedule of auctions or bank repossessions in the first six months of 2016 is down 20% from the previous six months and down 11% from the firs six months of 2015. Tom: Florida and the country as a whole are headed in the right direction.