cape coral home

Hurricane Irma was a monster, but luckily Cape Coral was spared the flooding and wind damage experienced in other areas of SW Florida and the Keys. Because we were spared, many of us have been going through "survivor's guilt". Yes, we're grateful that we fared so much better than initially predicted, but it somehow doesn't feel right to be happy when scores of others will be facing weeks and months before any semblance of normalcy returns to their lives.

Assisting other folks who were less fortunate helps. Whether it's donating time or money, supplying a hot meal, lending a generator you didn't end up needing to use, or sharing your home with a friend or neighbor without power; these can all help ease that guilt a bit.

In my case, trying to get back into a normal routine is therapeutic too. Talking to others and hearing that they're experiencing similar feelings has also helped.

For sure it's been reassuring seeing how quickly and efficiently power was restored (to most) and cleanup crews were dispatched. Great to know that systems are in place and working for us almost immediately after a storm.

SWFL is strong, and our community is getting back on its feet. If you're looking for a home in the beautiful area of Cape Coral or other Southwest Florida town (Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero), let us help you find your dream waterfront home! Click here or call us at 239-357-6118 to start your search today.