Foreign buyers are being lured to U.S. real estate becasue they consider it to have bargain prices, economic stability and a "safe haven for investors", 24/7 Wall St. reports. Interest in U.S. real estate from international buyers in 10 countries has soared since 2009 by 95% or more. In nine of those countries, the interest has at least doubled, according to Realty Trac.

Below is data from Realty Trac showing countries that had the highest interest in purchasing American homes:

1. United Arab Emirates: 352% increase in homebuyers

2. Switzerland: 269% increase

3. Hong Kong and China: 254% increase

4. France: 190% increase

5. Italy: 178% increase

6. United Kingdom: 153% increase (2nd highest share of international buyers)

7. Australia: 121% increase (3rd highest share of international buyers)


9. Sweden: 100% increase

10. Germany: 95% increase (7th highest share of international buyers for U.S. homes, in top 3 for SW Florida)

Tom: As more international buyers become interested in U.S. homes, a large portion of those buyers (usually cash buyers) will be seriously considering SW Florida due to weather, reasonable waterfront cost, and low crime.