Jobs, wages and real estate prices will keep climbing this year in South Florida, as will government, corporate and consumer spending, according to Richard Golod, a global investment srategist. "Things are moving in the right direction, and the probabilities suggest they're going to continue to do so", Golod said

This winter's spike in extreme weather in parts of the country will likely affect investment markets in the short term, Golod said. Overall, his outlook was optimistic, especially for U.S. markets, less so for European markets.

Real estate will continue to be the biggest driver of South Florida economy, Golod said Florida's single-family homes sales in the latter part of 2013 were all-cash deals, mainly from European, Asian, South American, and other international buyers.

Tom: In SW Florida the all-cash deals are closer to 50%, and Canadians make up the largest percentage of buyers of home in our area.