In order to know how much of a mortgage you qualify for, and to avoid disappointment when you find a home that you like, It is strongly suggested that you supply your loan officer with all pertinent financial information for your "pre-qualification". This increases your chances of having your offer accepted in our strong "cash buyer" market. The items needed are:

* Most Current Paystubs (30 days)

* Two Months of current Bank Statements (All Pages)

* Copy of Driver's License

* Two Years of W2's and/or 1099's

* One year of Federal Tax Returns (all pages)

* Most recent quarterly statement for Retirement Investment Accounts

As we often advise clients, your loan officer is the second most important person involved in your real estate transaction, following your real estate agent. Be certain that both your agent (hopefully us) and your loan officer are both knowledgeable and professional. We have a local mortgage broker that we refer all of our clients to,  with consistent praise and satisfaction of his outstanding service, honesty and reliability.