cape coral waterfront home

Cape Coral, long known as the city dominated by three-bedroom, two-bath concrete block homes - is considering allowing tiny homes to be built in the city. Cape Coral planners will add a special zoning area for these "tinies", which will be on foundations and starting at around 600 square feet, with the larger homes being in the 800 square foot range. These homes would be required to meet all of Florida's building codes.

Cape Coral's city code is 1,200 minimum square footage for a home, so a designated area will be set up specifically for these smaller homes. City leaders have shown no interest in having the Tiny Homes built in neighborhoods that have the 1,200 minimum square footage requirement.

Several other cities have contemplated allowing Tiny Homes, but none of them have granted approval yet. Cities that have considered them are Punta Gorda, North Port, and Venice.

As long as the Tiny Homes are in separate neighborhoods and meet all Florida Building Codes, we do not feel that they will negatively impact Cape Coral's burgeoning growth.

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