All over the country, homeowners are enjoying their front yards and porches more than they have in decades and viewing them as an extended living room. It’s a great way to derive a benefit from your front yard, not just show off your curb appeal. 

Homeowners now are bringing mingling spots back to the front of their homes making them more inviting by decorating the front porch and front yard with chairs, swings, fire pits, hammocks, colorful plants, and window boxes.

We all spend so many hours of each day disconnected from the outdoors and other people (except through our electronic devices), it’s nice to engage personally with friends, neighbors, and nature and feel a sense of community.

Front porches are also reemerging as a popular feature in new homes. Builders have found an increasing number of requests for front porches in their home designs. In the early 1900s, a front porch was very common but over the years the entertainment focus shifted to backyards.

It’s a trend that seems long overdue.

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