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Differing from the norm, this past summer saw a swell of luxury home sales in Naples. Not including private sales, the MLS showed 5 homes that sold for more than $10 million from May to August, and several more in this range have sold since August. A total of 13 Naples homes this year have sold for over $10 Million. 

Theories from local realtors as to the reason for the bump up in high-end sales include buyers waiting until after last November’s presidential election, and buyers hoping to score a better deal if they bought before high season.

Southwest Florida’s offseason generally spans from May to October with September usually one of the slowest months of the year for sales, but not so for the summer of 2017. This September a Naples estate sold for $17.7 million, the most expensive Naples sale of the year.

As the economy continues to grow and with the passing of tax reform, ultra high-end sales are expected to maintain a steady clip throughout high season.

Seems there’s no shortage of clientele who appreciate great weather, beautiful beaches and the luxury lifestyle Naples provides. 

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