The cost to live on a gulf-access canal in Cape Coral, or any Southwest Florida waterfront community, can vary greatly depending on the time required to get to "open water";  the Gulf of Mexico, Caloosahatchee River,  or Pine Island Sound.  The price can be 10 - 20 % less for a 30 to 40 minute longer boat ride. Also heavily affecting price is whether there are bridges to go under, and the height of those bridges.

Sailboat access canals in Cape Coral are a premium because of limited supply and close proximity to open water, thus can add an additional 10 - 15% to the cost of a home or lot. If you don't own a sailboat or don't mind a little longer boat ride, you can save considerably by living 30 - 60 minutes from open water.

Numerous other factors determine the value of a gulf-access property , but distance to open water is one to seriously consider. Much depends on a buyer's budget and how often they would actually get to take their boat out to open water. If you are not an avid boater, but still enjoy living on the water, we often suggest being a little further out from the Gulf of Mexico and utilize the money savings for a nicer home.