The Cape Coral City Council has amended the timeframe for public utility installation in the lower half of unit 59 in the Northwest Cape. Properties between Embers Pkwy & the Bonefish Canal on north/south and Burnt Store Rd and Old Burnt Store Rd will now be on public water and sewer by 2017. Originally these properties in unit 59 were not scheduled to have public utilities for at least five years. When the utilities are installed starting next summer it will add greatly to the desirability and value of these properties. The cost for public utilities is typically between $16,000 and $18,000, and the vast majority of property owners opt for the 20 year pay-off program, which is added to the yearly property tax bill. Tom: in my opinion the reason the city added these additional properties to next year's expansion is due to the high demand for new homes, and the fact that unit 58 (just south of unit 59) will be mostly developed by the time the utility expansion in unit 58 is completed.. Unit 58 and the lower half of unit 59 are the closest to "open water" in that area, thus highly desirable to boaters.