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It’s no secret Southwest Florida is home to warm climates and beautiful weather year-round. Sunny skies call for dresser, shorts, flip-flips, and sunglasses! Right now, we’re amid the “in” season in SWFL – this is when all the snowbirds call the area their home to get away from the frigid temperatures in New England, the Midwest, or other colder states. But did you know, the warm weather doesn’t just make SWFL the ultimate winter getaway, vacation spot, or paradise…the warmer climate actually is good for your health! Southwest Florida’s warmer temperatures can actually make people happier and healthier overall! 

Florida gets a lot of sun. Fort Myers, on average, has a total of 266 days with sun per year. This sun provides a lot of vitamin D, which happens to be an important vitamin that so many people are lacking because it’s hard to consume this vitamin in our diets. Vitamin D helps our immune system, our bone health, and helps with our mental health. The sun also gives off nitric oxide, which can lower blood pressure. The sun also can make us more alert and awake. You should spend 10 to 30 minutes in the sun to reap its benefits, but remember, wear sunscreen! A sunburn can cause your body a lot of damage!  

Living in SWFL puts people in a better mood! In fact, Naples was named the number one happiest city to live  -- the results are from a survey of well-being conducted in both 2016 and 2017 by Gallup-Sharecare. According to a University of Michigan study, there is a proved correlation between good weather and a good state of mind. Good weather also helps boosts your creativity and memory and helps you be more productive.  

Want to know the ideal temperature for a person’s mood? 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature is 75 degrees in SWFL – it can’t get much closer than that!  

Cold weather can bring a lot of illness. Cold weather can be hard on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. In fact, countries with colder climates have a higher death rate than those with warmer climates, according to the Journal of Epidemiology.  

With warm weather, you have more opportunities to be active. Active = healthy. Walking. Running. Biking. Swimming. Hiking. Paddling. Dancing. Meditating. When you’re more active, you’re able to maintain a healthy weight and keep your heart healthy. Exercise also boosts your mood when you release all those endorphins.  

Ready to make the move to Southwest Florida? Why not feel and he healthier year-round?  Not to mention, Southwest Florida is home to beautiful scenery, wildlife, plants, flowers, parks, beaches, shopping centers, golf courses, nightlife, and more!  

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