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So we all know Northerners descend on Southwest Florida in droves during the winter months and we all know why they love it here December through May. As a year-rounder, I have to say that summer is my favorite time of year here, and there's a long list of reasons why. Here are my picks for great stuff about SW Florida in the summer - in no particular order:

Magnificent-to-behold enormous, puffy afternoon cloud formations

Cheaper rates at golf courses and readily available tee times

Gulf waters are the perfect temperature to float in for hours

Our landscape is lush, green and thriving and no need to have the sprinkler system running

This is a big one - Much less traffic on the roads! No waiting through several cycles at stop light

Low cost summer specials at restaurants, bars and other area attractions

Spectacular, colorful, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets

Our pools are heated by the sun and hot temperatures alone. No solar or electric heater required in July through August!

Gorgeous tropical flowers are in bloom - orchids, plumeria, ixora, shrimp plant, and beach morning glory to name a few

Dramatic summer rainstorms that cool us off almost every afternoon - Even the lightning is beautiful when you're watching it from someplace safe

Vibrant rainbows appear on a pretty regular basis after those rain showers

Lower rates at hotels, inns and B & B's making it the perfect time to take a little "staycation"

Sweet, juicy mangoes are in peak season

Some of the best fishing in the world takes place in our waters during the summer

There are so many things to love about SW Florida, especially during the summer. When you're down here, you can grow this list yourself! If you’re new to the area or looking for things to do or places to go, the above Southwest Florida ideas are a great start. If you’re looking to buy a home or even a waterfront home in Southwest Florida, in Cape Coral, Fort Myers or Naples, let us help you!  Click here or call us at 239-357-6118 to get started on the search for your dream home today.