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Out of more than 180 large U.S. cities, a recent study conducted by WalletHub placed Cape Coral at #37 for 2018 Happiest Cities In America. Cape Coral’s spot at 37 was the first appearance on the list by any Florida city. WalletHub examined each city based on 28 gauges of happiness. Factors included in the study were varied and incorporated elements such as depression rate, physical health index, job satisfaction, and sports-participation rate to name just a few.

Cape Coral’s placement in the top fifth of designated cities comes as no surprise to those of us who live here. There’s an overall sense of contentment and well . . . happiness portrayed by most people you run into. The sub-tropical weather is conducive to being outdoors and entices us to get out there for a walk, a swim, a game of tennis or golf, or a nice long bike ride. The physical activity releases those endorphins which make us feel cheery.

Add in Cape Coral’s low unemployment rate, the great community spirit and you find the city meets the criteria for a happy place to live.

Additional recent Top Lists for Cape Coral for 2018 include #1 on Manpower Group's list of "Best Cities For Employment Growth" and  #15 on's list of 25 cities rated "U.S. Cities With Most Affordable Snowbird Vacation Rentals". There are sure to be more top rankings to follow. 

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