Although all of Cape Coral and surrounding towns will experience substantial growth and appreciation over the next several years, I'm particularly impressed and hopeful about the Southwest quadrant and southern sections of the Northwest quadrant.

A majority of new construction taking place today is in the southwest quadrant, and particularly on waterfront lots. Simple supply and demand history dictate that this will lead to shrinking supply of lots, thus increased demand and prices for homes and lots in this prestigious quadrant. When out-of-staters, and even international buyers look for waterfront homes, they already know about, and are interested in the SW quadrant. It's mostly newer/upper scale homes, very safe area, and has mostly wider canals.

Units 58, 59, and 60 are units that will also experience a high level of new construction due to their relatively short boat ride out to "open water". Additionally, Burnt Store Road is scheduled for widening in the next year or so, and these units (especially unit 58) are scheduled for city water/sewer expansion in the next few years. Both these major improvements will add substantial desirability and value. In my opinion, these 3 units will become almost as desirable as the deep SW units in the coming years.