Biggest Mistakes of Home Sellers

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If there’s a lot of buyers out there, you might think it will be easy to sell your home, especially if there aren’t many other homes on a market – this is called a seller’s market. However, there’s many reasons you’re home won’t sell, even if it’s one of the few homes available.

In a survey conducted by ActiveRain, an online community of real estate professionals who write blogs, exchange best practices and share information, it was revealed what realtors believe the top reasons or mistakes as to why homes don’t sell.

  • 77% of realtors believe the home was overpriced.
  • 34% of realtors said the showing ability.
  • 32% of realtors said it was a cluttered space.
  • 21% of realtors say sellers are unable to negotiate.
  • 28% of realtors say there are unpleasant odors in the home.
  • 20% of realtors say sellers won’t make repairs.

Selling a home can be harder than it sounds. Before you sell a home, you should try to anticipate problems before they come up. Selling a home is a major process with lots of steps including listing, making repairs, finding a buyers, navigating the closing process, and moving to a new place. 

Here are some more common mistakes when selling:

  • Underestimating the cost of selling. You want to estimate your net proceeds, which is the amount of money you will pocket after selling costs are accounted.
  • Selling at an unrealistic price. Often, the price you want is not what the market will pay. You want to hit a “sweet spot” in between asking for too much and too little.
  • Only considering the highest offer. The highest offer isn’t always the best offer, especially with contingencies, which are conditions that need to be satisfied for the sale to close.
  • Ignoring repairs. If your home needs a lot of repairs, it can turn off buyers and decrease the value of your home.
  • Not preparing your home for sale. You want your home to look clean, uncluttered, and well-decorated.
  • Choosing the wrong agent or way to sell. You want to choose a realtor/agent who has your best interests at heart.
  • Limited showings. You need to cooperate when your agents can show the home.
  • Skipping necessary preparation.
  • Not staging the home.
  • Taking poor photos of the home.

Selling a home can be overwhelming, but if your properly prepare yourself and your home, work with a good realtor, and are a aware of these above common mistakes to avoid, you will have a better chance of getting your home to sell easier and faster. 

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