Ways To Tell It's Fall In Southwest Florida

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Although our change of season from summer into fall is much more understated than in other parts of the country, there are definitely indications that autumn has arrived . . .

  • The Gulf waters drop from the summertime bathwater temps to a temperature that’s actually refreshing
  • Our roadways fill with out-of-state plates as the snowbirds make their annual pilgrimage back
  • At the first sign of a “cold front” (below 80 degrees) we pull out our long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and pants.
  • We can make it all the way to our mailbox and back without breaking into a sweat
  • We turn on our pool heaters to keep the water at over 80 degrees (our Florida blood can’t take it much cooler than that)
  • As the humidity and temperatures drop, on some days we’re able to shut off the A/C and open windows and doors to air out the house
  • We’re able to boat any time of day, with no worries of beating the afternoon rainstorms
  • As the summer rains disappear, grass growth slows way down and we need only cut our lawns every other week
  • We can sit on our lanais in the evening without having a fan blasting on us
  • With the end of hurricane season just around the corner, we all stop thinking about hurricanes
  • With the slightly cooler temps, Farmers Markets return in various locations throughout the area.

Move to Southwest Florida

As you can see, fall is beautiful in Southwest Florida. Come on down and enjoy this beautiful weather! Why bundle up in layers up north, when you can be comfortable down here?  

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