Real Estate can be unpredictable but tends to follow many patterns throughout the year. It's soon to be October here in SW Florida and we are officially into the fall season.  

Have you ever bought or sold a home in the fall? It’s a great time! Overall, spring is known as the most popular time of year to buy and sell a home, but fall is creeping up in popularity.

Why is fall becoming a good time of year to buy and sell?  Here are a few reasons:  

  • People aren’t worried about AC repair happening ASAP in a home because this season tends to be a bit cooler.  

  • There is less competition this time of year.  Fall buyers have more room and ability to negotiate. Early fall is a great time because you can get in before the holidays and school breaks.  

  • By fall, sellers are ready to make a deal based on getting no action earlier with their home. Prices tend to drop or be more flexible this time of year. Sellers are more eager to sell in the fall.  

  • Sellers are serious during this time of year, and they are more open to negotiating and accepting lower offers than in our prime 'snowbird' season of January-May. 

  • You will get more attention from real estate agents, lenders, service providers, movers, and other companies because they are less busy this time of year.  

  • You will find better deals and sales on items and materials needed for your home to improve it. For example, September is a great time to buy carpeting & paint, October a lawn mower, and November is all about appliances.  

As you can see there’s many good reasons to buy a home this time of year and we can help you do it!  

Thinking about moving to Cape Coral or SW Florida this fall?   

Start the process with us, Lisa Sawyer & Jenna Billman.  We will assist you every step of the way making it a smooth and stress-free process... whether buying OR selling!